Introduction of Departments

In this section, you can generally get acquainted with the departments of Jahrom Power Generation Development Company.

Power plant steam section

In gas plants, the air becomes compressed into hot gas after combustion and mixing with the fuel during the combustion process. This hot gas is discharged into the atmosphere after passing through the gas turbine and converting part of its energy into electricity. These turbines convert almost 100% of the energy in the fuel into 33.3% of the energy, leaving 66.7% of it out of the chimney and is wasted.


Power plant gas section

The Jahrom Combined Cycle Power Plant's Gas Division includes 6 turbines of the V94.2 series with a nominal capacity of 159 megawatts. Now they are all ready to work and in the production circuit. Over the past two years, 5 units of power plant turbines have undergone major repairs, and the sixth unit is under construction in the winter of 97.


Introduction of Jahrom Power Plant

The 1,440 megawatt Jahrom combined cycle power plant is located at 27 km Jahrom road to Shiraz, on an area of 100 hectares. The plant consists of 6 gas units each with a capacity of 159 megawatts, all of which are currently in operation, and three steam units each with a capacity of 160 MW, the first unit being in operation in April 2005 and two other units under construction And completed.
The operation of construction of the gas sector of Jahrom power plant began as part of the contract for 30 gas turbine units since 2005. The first unit was connected to the national electricity grid on the 14th of April, 2007. Five other units were launched in less than 14 months until 1387/08/13 (the sixth unit of Jahrom combined cycle power plant synchronous).
The celebration of the operation of Jahrom Power Plant was held by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Ahmadinejad, in May of this year. Since then, every six gas units have been operating and producing electricity in accordance with the instructions and standards.

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